“When I moved to Rhode Island, I didn’t know anyone. I was homeless, I didn’t have a job, and I didn’t have $5 to my name. OpenDoors helped me get a vender’s license, business license, and tax ID number to start selling natural beauty products online. I am a certified licensed welder, and with OpenDoors’ help, I was able to get a welding job in June. Now, I am working five days a week, with 10-hour shifts. For me, each day on the right path is another day of sobriety, God consciousness, family, and community.”
Noah Kilroy
A convicted drug dealer, and now a City of Providence assistant solicitor, Noah Kilroy’s journey began with a thirst for knowledge.
“I got tired of struggling because of my old ways. Before, I was living day to day. Now that I have a job, I can live for my family. Sometimes I work 105 hours in 2 weeks. Life is still a struggle, but it is a good struggle now, and I can manage it.”
"I first heard about OpenDoors from a friend who had been in prison. He said that OpenDoors had helped him find his first real job."
"When I got out, I started working with Jesse from OpenDoors. He was instrumental in getting me a job as a roofer. I started working at a car wash one day a week, too. Eventually, I was able to take a welding class and become a crane operator... For me, it was about learning that anything is possible, getting out of bed each day, and putting the right foot forward.”
I just voted! For first time in my life, I stepped inside the polling place and "completed the arrow" that selects the candidate I think would best run our country. It was a simple action that took only a few minutes, but far too many years to achieve.
"If there is one thing that shouldn't be taken from someone-- ever-- it is voting. Isn't the point of the criminal justice system to return responsible, law abiding citizens back into their communities? Voting is a way of being a responsible, law abiding citizen. Voting should be something everyone has to do."

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