Paul became an OpenDoors client in 2009. 

“I had been in and out of prison for nine and a half years starting when I was eighteen years old… With the help of Everette Frye, my discharge planner from OpenDoors, I was accepted into a drug treatment program at Kent House.  After I graduated the program, I tried to get back on my feet. I had had a million doors slammed in my face, and I didn’t have any work experience.  I finished my GED in prison, but a lot of jobs were closed to me.

When I got out, I started working with Jesse from OpenDoors.  He was instrumental in getting me a job as a roofer.  I started working at a car wash one day a week, too.   Eventually, I was able to take a welding class and become a crane operator.  I just landed a job at another company! I’m now taking a Spanish class and learning to read blueprints to get even better jobs.  It took a lot of hard work and determination.  For me, it was about learning that anything is possible, getting out of bed each day, and putting the right foot forward.”


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