9 Yards receives 3rd year of funding

July 14, 2015 - 5:36pm

OpenDoors has received a 3rd Innovative Partnership grant from the Governor's Workforce Board for its 9 Yards program.  This funding will allow OpenDoors to serve another 30 individuals in 9 Yards.  Here is the press release:



Workforce Innovative Grant Awards 2016

The Governor’s Workforce Board RI has awarded $2.4 million dollars in Workforce Innovation Grants, which bring employers and educational providers together to provide work-readiness, experiential learning, and career opportunities for students, out-of-school youth and unemployed or underemployed adults. 

Sixteen grants, ranging in size from $62,000 to $195,000, were awarded to eleven community-based organizations, three employers, three GWB industry partners and one educational institution. Collectively, the grants will serve hundreds of participants in such industries as hospitality, health care, information technology, marine trades and construction.

Funding for the Workforce Innovation Grants comes from the employer-financed Job Development Fund.

Click here (pdf) to see the GWB Workforce Innovation Grant recipients (FY2016)


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