OpenDoors is Now Accepting Housing Applications!

August 1, 2012 - 1:15pm

 We are now accepting applications for housing at OpenDoors!  

Join our waitlist today!


Housing Eligibility Criteria

All applicants must be willing to participate in OpenDoors, Ferland Management and Public Housing Authority (PHA) screenings, verifications, and mandatory workshops, and be prepared to provide copies of all documents requested.  Attendance at the OpenDoors’ housing workshop does not make applicant automatically eligible for tenancy in our housing project!

HUD/PHA Prohibitions – Sex offenders, drug manufacturing and past evictions.  If you have an extensive record with some violent convictions, they will likely require additional proof of rehabilitation (e.g., anger management).  Applicant must be willing to undergo a national background check and/or fingerprinting if requested. 

Minimum Eligibility – Applicant must have been out of prison for at least one (1) year except for re-incarceration for technical violations which will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis (no convictions for new crimes).  Important – We will look at your application on a case-by-case basis – There are no guarantees that your application will be accepted and/or placed on the waiting list.  You will receive a letter from Ferland Management Company regarding the disposition of your pre-screen application and/or application.   

Income Requirements – Must have verifiable third party earned income and/or federal benefits (SSI/SSDI).

 Proof of Rehabilitation – You Must Have Evidence of Participation and Completion

a.     Applicant must complete OpenDoors' universal assessment and complete the housing workshop. 

b.     Participation and completion of OpenDoors programs where applicable (employment, housing, support group activities, and/or financial literacy) Certificates of Completion are proof.  Also participation and completion of programs outside of OpenDoors that can be verified (social service agencies, substance abuse programs, therapeutic groups, etc.) are acceptable forms of proof of rehabilitation.

c.     Applicant must have resolved and/or have plans in affect for court fines and child support issues. 

d.     Applicant must be willing to commit to the advanced financial literacy program when needed

Character References – Personal references with contact information that can be verified through third party sources; e.g., support group fellowships/activities, probation/parole officials, landlords, community programs, faith institutions, employers and/or community service organizations. 

Units are sole occupancy per HUD and PHA square footage requirements.  Children and/or other people are not authorized to live with you. 


Ferland Management Documentation Requirements 

Please bring the following information/documentation with you for your appointment: 

1. Birth Certificate/Passport

2. Social Security Card

3. Photo ID

4. Alien Registration/Permanent Resident Card (Non-Citizens only)

5. All Asset information(if applicable) 

a. Banking: Institution(s) name and address

b. Life Insurance Insurance Company name/address/policy #

6. All Income Information (if applicable) 

a. Employer(s) name and address 

b. Social Security/SSI Current Award Letter

c. AFDC/FIP/Welfare Current Award letter

d. Pension/Annuity/ name and address 

e. Child Support/Alimony Information (e.g., Court Order)

f. Any other income source name and address 


Safe and Crime-Free Haven 

OpenDoors is a safe place for participants to come for assistance.  We need your cooperation.  We have a zero-tolerance for any criminal behaviors! Although we will do everything in our power to keep you out of jail, we will not allow you to commit criminal acts and/or participate in disrespectful conversation that affects the community, organization, staff, and other participants.  Your desire to remain out of the criminal justice system (jail) and goals for a successful life should be your number one priority while living here at OpenDoors Housing. 

 For more information, please contact OpenDoors at 410-781-5808 ext. 100 or


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