Financial Literacy Resources

This website is designed to offer additional resources for managing money for you and your family.

Accessing Services in Rhode Island

Basic Money Management

  • This website will walk you through the basics of creating a spending plan that you can meet. It is the most comprehensive resource for basic money management, and it's completely anonymous! There are also plenty of tips and information for cutting costs and increasing savings.
  • This website will teach you how to use an ATM, write a check, all about credit cards, and other tips for good money management.

Building Savings

  • This website will walk you through how to start saving, even if you don't have much to save! It covers everything from tips for saving money, to a tracking system that keeps you meeting your goals.


Financial Planning

  • and If you are looking for a bit more in depth about planning for the future and using money wisely, check out these websites for one-stop shops on financial planning and literacy. They'll teach you everything from setting goals, to managing debt, to investing or accessing loans.

Asset Building

  • This website will run you through the basics of building assets and wealth. It will teach you how to look at buying a home, pay for education, and plan for retirement, and more.


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